Community Events  


Community events enable us to meet local residents and create caring relationships.  We seek to learn their needs and connect them with resources.  Provide educational information and encourage understanding that we all have the responsibility to get educated and prepare for any emergency.


Community Planning 


As a Fire Safe Council, we work united with our community as well as alongside our stakeholders, to develop and maintain any resources that will serve to protect lives and property.  These efforts have been instrumental in providing Evacuation Plans and Maps, AM 1630 Yankee Hill Emergency Radio Station, YHFSC Fire & Weather Watch Webcam (currently inactive), and Resource Signs.  We have also been recognized as a FIREWISE Community.


Defensible Space and Fire Risk Fuel Reduction 


Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction projects are instrumental for the protection of lives, property, and natural resources.  These projects enhance the safety of Evacuation Routes and Assembly Points, as well as creating Fire Breaks.


Education and Training  


Education and Training projects are essential; to equip residents with the knowledge and technique needed so they can prepare their family, homes, and property to better resist impact from wildfire; and make wise choices in the event of an emergency to save lives.


Post Fire Assistance  


After a disaster, basic human needs, housing, and land restoration become a priority.  As part of our mission, we actively participate in fire recovery efforts.  We seek out resources which enable us to meet many needs for our residents and local businesses.  Such as assist with sanitary living conditions, food, gas, propane, supplies, counseling, debris removal, erosion control, replanting, and much more.