Cherokee, Concow, Jarbo(e) Gap, Pulga, and Yankee Hill
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Important Information

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Due to many
uncontrollable circumstances the
"Fire & Weather Watch WebCam" is currently unavailable
Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council's

"Fire & Weather Watch WebCam"
Is Now Available
without a subscription
made possible through a grant
funded by PG&E and Your Donations!
It has always been our goal to make the webcam available to a broad scope of people for the safety and protection of our residents and our communities.  Over the past couple of years the view of fire starts and fire locations that the webcam has provided has enabled many to make more educated planning and also been able to bring comfort in knowing that resources are handling the situation.  The webcam has also offered peace of mind when it can be seen that the fire is not as close as thought.

 Big Bend Fire taken on Sept 5, 2014

We will be relying on continued support to maintain and  improve upon our system, software, & hardware.  Thank you again to PG&E enabling us to make this step.  If you would like to make your contribution click on the link below.

Access the webcam by clicking Here

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Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council



For information about the Butte County Fire Safe Council's
Chipper Program you can Contact them at:


Be Fire Safe


 "Fire & Weather Watch WebCam" 
Access by clicking Here


Butte Unit:  530/538-7111
Jarbo Gap: 530/538-7199

& Agricultural  Air Quality Burn  Permits

Butte County Air Qualtiy Management District

Toll Free:  855/332-9407

Toll Free:  855/332/9406

Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System
To access Butte County click on Sacramento Valley

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   Concow/Yankee Hill have been recognized as:  .................................................... FIREWISE COMMUNITIES since April 2009         

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