Cherokee, Concow, Jarbo(e) Gap, Pulga, and Yankee Hill
Landscape Design & Maintenance Planning
Landscape Design & Maintenance Planning

FIREWISE Landscape Design
Click on the links in blue below to open printable documents

FIREWISE Landscape Maintenaince Planning
Click on the links in blue below to open printable documents

Print a copy of The Personal Landscape Maintenance Plan to help guide you through designing your plan. 

Personal Landscape Maintenance Plan

Now, Identify the species of vegetation that requires maintenance and
learn specific treatments available for effective maintenance.
Here is some information on Invasive Species that are common to our area:

Poison Oak Integrated Pest Management for Home Gardeners and Landscape Professionals
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Scotch Broom Information to use in considering control strategies
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Scotch Broom Critical information on different was to combat it
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Wild Blackberries Pests in Gardens and Landscapes
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Yellow Star Thistle Pests in Gardens and Landscapes
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Home and Property Wildfire Safety Maintenance 


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